Claudia holds a 500-hour accreditation in Vajrasati yoga and teaches regular drop-in classes, 6 week beginners’ courses and restorative yoga.  She discovered Vajrasati yoga in 2013 and found a new fascination in yoga that had been missing from yoga as she had known it until then.  Claudia fell in love with the more meditative attention that came from being encouraged to practise with self-enquiry by deeply listening and responding.  Her interest in yoga philosophy and the ultimate recognition of ourselves as an essential being of nature was also sparked and yoga become part of her daily life and life learning.

Teaching with integrity and kindness, Claudia encourages a sense of letting go and allows time for exploration and deep absorption.  Classes point students to their own experience and the subtler aspects of yoga. You can expect to practise different postures (asanas) from class to class, often using props, walls and chairs to investigate postures and better inform your understanding of them and to discover yogic breathing techniques (pranayama).  Claudia teaches safe exploration of yoga with a focus on alignment and movement being breath led, offering variations to suit practitioners of all levels.