Kate Bullen

Kate travelled to India to complete her 200-hour TTC in Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sampoorna Yoga. Since then she has completed a Yoga Nidra teacher training with Uma Dinsmore-Tulli & Nirlipta Tuli.

Passionate about sharing the spiritual practices that light her up, Kate encourages her students to move beyond the physical, gross layer of the body by using yoga as vessel for self-inquiry, tapping into the subtler layers of our being. Deeply connected to the ancient wisdom of tantra and yogic philosophy, her teachings traverse pancha kosha (the five sheaths) in order to access atman – our soul and spiritual core.

Kate’s classes are soulful, creative and intuitive, reflecting her preference for a holistic and mindful practice that offers students a space to tune inward and reconnect to their essence.