Restorative Yoga and Gong Bath 15th January 2017

Gong Bath – An Ancient Art for the Modern World
Many spiritual traditions speak of sound as the primary creative impulse behind the organisation of particles into matter. “In the beginning was The Word”. Recent scientific studies (especially those exploring Cymatics*) have confirmed the idea by proving that sound is capable of producing structured geometric shapes, that resemble organisms found in nature.
Restorative Gong Bath Workshop

For thousands of years, spiritual practices around the world have tapped into the principle of sound as a tool to stimulate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. All that is required to take part in a Gong Bath (also known as a Sound Massage or Sound Meditation), is to show up, lie down, and relax!
Gong Bath Conductor Alicia Davies:
A professional musician, artist, and writer, Alicia was led to the healing potential of gongs after her own traumatic life experiences. Working with gongs allows her to bring together her experience as a percussionist and healer in one powerful modality – the increasing popularity of her workshops are testament to the transformative power of sound.

“Time to restore and revive myself!”
Limited Spaces – Reserve Your Place (£10 deposit payable)
Restorative Yoga & Special Healing Gong Bath – a Relaxation Intensive with Christine & Alicia
Price: £30
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Time: 2-4.30pm
At: Yoga Arch
265 Urlwin St. Arches Camberwell SE5 ONG
To Book Email:
Or Contact Yoga Arch Reception 07770 940 157
Refreshments will be enjoyed at the end of the practice