The Empowered Feminine – A journey of connection for all women with Beth Win – Fridays from 7.45pm

Do you want to?
Gain confidence to express your opinions, needs and desires?
Learn how your sensitivity is a superpower?
Cultivate compassion for the parts of you that you hide?
Reconnect with your instinct, passion and creativity which is inside all of us?
Dissolve shame?
Gain clarity and confidence?
Change your state from anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted to calm, relaxed and rested?

Then join Beth Win and start your new year off in the right way, Fridays from 7.45pm – 9/9.15pm (75 – 90 minute classes)

These powerful classes are an invitation to each woman to deepen her connection with her body, its innate wisdom, creativity and power. This is an extremely potent and fertile time for this work, 2020 is the year for vision and actualisation.

We live in an age where the art of relating has been forgotten, yet it is the art of listening, feeling and connecting that is essential to the experience of intimacy, being truly seen, heard and felt. The connection we so often seek with each other must be cultivated from within, so that our phenomenal form can be an expression of authentic, potent and embodied connection in itself. We therefore practice as a group of women in reconnecting and strengthening this connection to our innate feminine.

Bringing awareness AND cultivating a conscious and loving relationship with our form positively affects our brain chemistry, mental and physical well being, health and the level of potency and joy or pleasure we can access on a day to day basis.

When we move WITH the intelligence of our female form, we open up to a wisdom that has the power to reorganise and potentialise our entire existence.

When we open up to meeting the fullness of what it means to be within female form, we open up to such a vast and deep wisdom that reaches into every area and every relationship.

We invite you to show up in your uniqueness and be met in honour, full acceptance, love and celebration of that.

Classes explore:
* How the body contains, receives and transmits past, present and future states, and how awareness of this supports the ease in which we can process, communicate and relate to our emotions and forever changing nature of our lives.
* How an embodied state can support the dissolution of limiting self beliefs, habits, and behaviours and trauma integration and resolution.
* How an embodied state of showing up in the world can support greater health, mental and physical well being, the ability to access and sustain pleasurable, empowered and fully alive states of being.
* Connection with throat, heart, womb* and yoni and the wisdom each has to consciously enhance our relationship with communication, feeling, emotion, the 4 life cycles, healthy boundary and creative power.
* How working with personal (period) and universal moon cycles invite us into accessing a sense of ease, flow and empowered way of navigating the day to day.

This is an invitation to connect with the deepest parts of ourselves as a practice in itself. It is the meeting and embracing of all our parts, we will come to know the power of a unified whole and ourselves in our wholeness.

The time investment in and with ourselves sets the foundation for all other relationships that spring forth, the ones we have with our physical and mental health, our dreams, our projects, our parents, friends and loved ones.

This weekly commitment to oneself is in itself an expression of honouring and prioritising the most important relationship we will ever have, which is the one we have to ourselves.

We invite you to into this potent and all embracing class, and from this action, into the experience of a more empowered, embodied state and potent version of You.

Expect a very specific 75 – 90 minute body mind practice, somatic experiencing, breath and sound work (optional).

*pls note physical womb is not required in cases of hysterectomy etc.

About your teacher:
Beth is passionate, well studied and experienced in this field and holds qualification as a Senior/ Advances accredited yoga teacher of Hatha, Kundalini and Pregnancy Yoga, Somatics, Thai massage, Neurobiology and the relationship to Meditation & Yoga, Psychology (BSc hons), Dance (Ba Hons) and is presently training as a Therapist/Counsellor, you couldn’t be in better hands!

For the last 12 years Beth has consciously been devoted to deep enquiry into the self, the power of the quantum field (how our own being relates to our circle and circumstance) yoga, psychology, dance, movement, sound, body mind practices and neurobiology, hormones & the relationship to the concept of self, women’s history, sociology, biopsychology and sexuality.

Book your spot on this life enriching course now by clicking here! Single classes available at £14 per class / £12 with a class pack