New Year’s Eve Workshop – Our authentic self for the new year – with Christine

All welcome

Sun 31st Dec 2017 Starting at 11.00am with a yoga flow class till 12.00. We will then break for refreshments and start the restorative class at 12:30 till 2.00pm.

Book online at Yoga-Arch to reserve a place before 28th Dec

Cost: £30 £25 Concession

To book click on the workshop on the timetable and follow the instructions

I wonder if there was a way of going through loneliness to a sense of being alone without feeling alone. Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga means dropping our masks, releasing the armor. Finding ease in your being, your body and mind. We are allowed to feel the full depth of the human emotional spectrum without invalidating or doing violence to our psyches by denying the more shadowy of those emotions. This means learning to be with all that we feel – even the most irritable, politically incorrect, difficult, complicated emotions – and trusting that, with the help of the breath, we can stay with them, and watch them “arise, unfold, and pass away,” all the while residing in that place of equilibrium. This is the true work of the yogi.

Melissa Myers