Sivananda Yoga Workshop with Charlotte Bliss

Sunday 26th June 2pm- 5pm
We will practice key Classical Yoga Postures associated with specific Energy Centres along the Spinal Column, holding them for longer than generally held in a regular class. Allowing the time and space to experience the more subtle yet powerful effects of these postures on both the mind and body.
In the yogic tradition, the Breath is seen as the outward manifestation of prana, or vital energy. Gaining control of the breath by practising key breathing techniques (pranayama) literally recharges body and mind. We will practice – Alternate Nostril Breathing –This is an excellent exercise for balancing the nervous system. Practising it can calm you down when you feel hyperactive, stimulate you when you feel lethargic, and centre you when you feel distracted
Yoga Nidra:
We will conclude with a guided Deep Relaxation.