Yin Yoga with Georgina – Creative Play

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. ”    C G Jung

Yoga is a process of becoming aware of ourselves, becoming mindful about our experience and noticing that we are intrinsically connected with everything that is in this world.  Practicing Yin Yoga puts us in touch with the notion of inter-connectedness. We become aware of our breath, our bodies, the ground we are lying on.  With this awareness, it becomes possible to let go of the thinking mind and open ourselves to alternative ways of experiencing our feelings, sensations, inner visions and mental images: all swirling around in a constant state of flux – arising and dissolving, emerging and melting.

Experiencing ourselves in this way is a deeply healing and creative process.  In this workshop we will spend time relaxing and stretching with Yin Yoga, focusing our attention with meditation and then opening ourselves to exploring and playing with visual expression. Doodling, drawing, smudging, colouring, scribbling making collage or whatever feels right. We can allow our imagination to flow and bubble out of us while enjoying the process in ourselves and with each other.

Cost 35.00

To Book please contact info@yoga-arch.co.uk or georginaoevans@gmail.com